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It’s time to drive both business and the future forward – in an emission-free and sustainable way.

We use our technology to turn electric car batteries into green and profitable energy powerhouses when they are not in use.

This is because marketable flexibility is provided whenever batteries in stationary storage solutions or in vehicles are not needed. Seize this opportunity to drive your business forward and offer your customers an additional service.

Technologies for car manufacturers

Expand your product portfolio for drivers of electric cars with eyond Partner

eyond Partner rounds out your range by including a smart charging tariff, and you benefit from long-term customer relationships beyond car sales.

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What is eyond Partner?

eyond Partner is a home charging technology. This is because eyond Partner schedules battery charging during periods when the electricity price is low – when there is ample or even surplus renewable energy available, for example. eyond Partner optimizes the procurement of energy volumes on several markets, achieving maximum savings in the process. Not only is unidirectional charging (V1G) possible, but bidirectional charging (V2G) is an option too.

With eyond Partner, you can offer your customers an innovative smart charging product. Help them generate additional income and thus cut the costs of maintaining their electric car – with zero risk.

How does smart charging with
eyond Partner work?

The eyond Partner components at a glance.

Electricity Tariff

Smart charging app


How can we collaborate with eyond Partner?

You decide the extent to which you would like to define rate plans or incorporate your brand. To this end, we offer various levels of integration, mainly differing in terms of the design of the app, the contractual relationship and customer support. We will find the right solution – together.


Enhance your range by recommending eyond to your customers. This allows you to offer your customers an attractive package of products without any extra effort on your part.

White Label

Offer your customers a smart charging tariff including the eyond app. While you remain the point of contact, we provide you with the energy rate plan and the app interface in your own design – and also handle commercialization of your customers’ flexibility. 


If you already offer an app for your customers, eyond can be integrated into this app. We operate in the background and provide you with our energy rate plan if required and commercialize your customers’ flexibility. 

We adapt eyond Partner to suit your requirements
Ready to go eyond?

Visit the product page here for more information and to make inquiries.

eyond Partner
eyond Partner

EV-Battery Project as a Service

From the cost factor to the energy powerhouse – harness the full potential of electric vehicle batteries

With EV Battery Project as a Service, we join forces with you to tackle the challenges of aftersales and second-life EV batteries and turn them into profitable investments.

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What is EV Battery Project as a Service?

We transform aftersales batteries, which would otherwise simply be put into storage and continuously charged, into energy powerhouses. Instead of incurring storage and energy costs, they now generate income on the energy markets as energy powerhouses. During our commercialization activities, we continuously monitor aging, keeping it within the customer’s defined limits. Our powerhouses can also be designed for second-life batteries to replace retrieved aftersales batteries. The second-life batteries generate operating income and shift the need for recycling years into the future – when recycling will be more advanced and affordable or when European recycling rates increase.

Infographic: How EV Battery Project as a Service works

How does EV Battery Project as a Service work?

With EV Battery Project as a Service, we are your one-stop shop throughout the life cycle of battery powerhouses. From planning to operation.


Why opt for EV Battery Project as a Service with us?

Because we have the experience

With more than ten locations and a total output of 100 MW from first- and second-life battery packs. We have been the largest EV powerhouse developer and operator since 2016 and work with Renault, Nissan, Audi and Mercedes (to name but a few examples).

Because we are leaders in project development

Active in Germany, France, the Netherlands and soon in the United Kingdom too, we offer modular project-based services that are tailored to suit individual needs. We understand the complexity of EV battery packs with various SoH levels and can use this understanding to develop efficient EV powerhouses.

Because we offer best-in-class commercialization

We get the maximum profit from the available cycles, all the while overcoming any restrictions.

Because we are your one-stop shop

From planning to trading and monitoring, we support you with futureproof technologies that are also capable of integrating V1G and V2G assets.

Learn more about EV Battery Project as a Service

We look forward to tackling your project together with you.

EV-Battery Project as a Service
EV-Battery Project as a Service