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With smart commercialization of electric vehicle batteries, we are taking both you and your customers a step further into the future – with zero emissions and at zero cost.

Our technologies allow users to get the most out of electric vehicle batteries with minimal effort

Whether the batteries are in storage solutions or in electric vehicles – smart commercialization on the energy markets promotes green and affordable energy, stabilizes the power grid and drives the energy transition forward.

Technologies for energy suppliers
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Driving towards the energy transition with eyond Partner

Expand your range with a smart and green energy solution for drivers of electric cars. Benefit from long-term customer loyalty, increasing margins, decreasing switching rates and new customer acquisition at lower costs..

Grafik: eyond Partner

What is eyond Partner?

eyond Partner is a home charging technology. This is because eyond Partner schedules battery charging during periods when the electricity price is low – when there is ample or even surplus renewable energy available, for example. eyond Partner optimizes the procurement of energy volumes on several markets, achieving maximum savings in the process. Not only is unidirectional charging (V1G) possible, but bidirectional charging (V2G) is an option too.

With eyond Partner, you can offer your customers an innovative smart charging product. Help them generate additional income and thus cut the costs of maintaining their electric car – with zero risk.

How does smart charging with eyond Partner work?

The eyond Partner components at a glance.

Your electricity tariff

Our smart charging app

Our technology

How can we collaborate with eyond Partner?

You decide the extent to which you would like to define rate plans or incorporate your brand. To this end, we offer various levels of integration, mainly differing in terms of the design of the app, the contractual relationship and customer support.


Our app appears as a co-branded solution (The Mobility House + Partner). This allows you to offer your customers an attractive package of products without much extra effort on your part.

White Label

Offer your customers a smart charging rate including our eyond app. While you remain the point of contact, we provide you with the app interface in your own design – and also handle commercialization of your customers’ flexibility. 


If you already offer an app for your customers, eyond can be integrated into this app. We operate in the background and market your customers’ flexibility. .  

We adapt eyond Partner to suit your requirements

Ready to go eyond?

Visit the product page here for more information and to make inquiries.

eyond Partner
eyond Partner

Trading as a Service

Harness the full potential of your stationary storage solution

We ensure that the available capacity is commercialized the smart way, so that you can achieve above-average (market) profits.

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What is Trading as a Service?

We take care of commercializing your stationary storage solution’s available capacity on the spot markets and handle SoC management – you continue managing the operation and parallel commercialization on the balancing power market. Your stationary storage solutions are thus commercialized profitably on the energy markets – with maximum performance over their entire service life.

Grafik: Wie funktioniert Trading as a Service

How does Trading as a Service work?

With Trading as a Service, you regularly send your storage solution’s flexibility that you would like us to market on the EPEX SPOT markets. We place this flexibility on the market in the best possible way and share the schedule and completed transactions with you. You operate your storage solution in accordance with all the commitments made.

From a technical standpoint, we can offer several options for automatic information exchange (API, SFTP, etc.). The balancing groups are then balanced downstream (day-after nomination).

Why opt for Trading as a Service with us?

Because we enable consistently higher revenue using AI-driven market price predictions and trading strategies.

Because we have an in-depth understanding of battery properties.

Because we have expertise acquired from 8 years of commercialization experience.

Learn more about our Trading as a Service

We look forward to tackling your project together with you.

Trading as a Service
Trading as a Service